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Intercom / Sound Systems / Paging

CST has partnered with Bogen Communications to offer one of the most comprehensive Intercommunications, Public Address and Signaling Systems available.

Bogen’s integration of VOIP technology has greatly expanded the capabilities and capacities of these systems while also reducing required wiring.

Bidirectional Amplified Communications play an important role in facilities where hands free communications is needed.

Zoned Paging and Zoned Signaling can be of great benefit to business, educational, Industrial, production and other environments.

Normal, Urgent and Emergency Call-In capabilities can increase safety and decrease response time when dealing with emergency situations.

Speaker to handset automatic transfer is also supported to allow a public conversation to go private when needed.

Integration with other systems can enhance the safety and functionality of many types of facilities.

CST supports a broad range of indoor and exterior rated speakers and accessories for these systems.

Please call CST and one of our representatives will assist you with all your intercom needs.

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